Whisky distilleries near the National Cycle Network

friends drinking whiskey at one of the many Scottish distilleries on the NCN

Drinking and cycling is a whisky business

A man riding his bike through stunning countryside

There are many routes on the National Cycle Network that will take you to whisky distilleries

If you're a connoisseur of whisky then why not visit some of the fine distilleries listed below and sample them straight from the source.

There are lots of great distilleries all over Scotland making a variety of whiskies, from smokey Speyside malts to softer, lighter Lowland whiskies. You can see how whisky is made and sample it at a number of distilleries on or near the National Cycle Network across Scotland

The distilleries listed below are in the order you would come to them if you were heading south to north on the routes.

Route 1

Route 196

Route 7

Route 73

Route 765

Deanston Distillery, Doune

Route 78

You can also find the Whisky Map of Scotland and details of distilleries at Visit Scotland.

Distilleries that are open to the public usually offer tours which finish with a small dram. Please drink responsibly! Remember that the legal drink-drive limit in Scotland is 50mg in every 100ml of blood - lower than elsewhere in the UK. Rather than endanger yourself and others while cycling under the influence and risking a fine, you could take a bottle home in your pannier instead!

The word whisky comes from the Scottish Gaelic uisge beatha, the water of life. There's lots of water in Scotland!

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