About us

We're the charity making it easier for everyone to walk, wheel and cycle

We work for and with communities, helping them come to life by walking, wheeling and cycling to create healthier places and happier lives for everyone.

Two women cycling along a traffic-free path using a side-by-side tandem tricycle

We're the custodian of the National Cycle Network – the UK-wide network of over 12,000 miles of signed paths and routes for walking, wheeling, cycling and exploring outdoors.  

The National Cycle Network provides a vital backbone to the country, connecting communities to each other and helping neighbourhoods come to life. 

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Two people chatting over coffee outside cafe with bikes

For Sustrans, a liveable city or town has social connection at its heart, and clean air and green space for all to live and play in.  

We believe the places we live, work and enjoy ourselves should be planned around people, not cars. And we want to see a reduction of the traffic in our neighbourhoods, resulting in flourishing communities and thriving businesses. 

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Our latest work

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Our policy work

We're working to improve everyday journeys for everyone. We make contributions that assist in the development of all official active travel policy and guidance.

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We’re talented, creative and dedicated people

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and dedication from our 650 colleagues, 3,000 volunteers and 30,000 supporters – we all work together to make change happen.

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We work to ensure that the benefits of walking, wheeling and cycling are enjoyed by everyone.

The benefits of walking, wheeling, cycling, and healthy places aren’t experienced in the same way by everyone.

We prioritise work with people and in places that challenge this.

We involve people with different and seldom-heard voices, to develop solutions that work for everyone.

We keep questioning and asking if we can do more. We know we can’t do this on our own so we work closely with others.


We’ve been working on walking, wheeling and cycling since 1977


We have a clear vision for the future

Our vision is a society where the way we travel creates healthier places and happier lives for everyone.

Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to walk and cycle.


The changes we want to see

  • Radically reduced traffic speed and volume.
  • Creation of sociable spaces where people can easily interact.
  • Better connection of people to green and public space.
  • Transport and planning policy that puts people first.
  • Heritage of the places we work in to be valued and enhanced.
  • Cities and towns that are inclusive and safe for all.


Our theory of change

We have developed a theory of change to demonstrate how our projects bring about change. This:

  • helps us evidence our impact
  • provides an accessible summary of a complex situation
  • helps us understand how and why our interventions work, and identify new ones
  • defines the short-term benefits for people and places, and long-term societal changes.

Download our theory of change.


Our values guide us in everything we do

  • Including everyone
  • Having the courage to question
  • Acting local, thinking big
  • Getting things done, together
  • Always learning.

Our strategy and annual review

Take a look at our strategy.

Download our annual report for 2022-23.

And watch our video looking back at what we achieved in 2022.

You can view the full report and accounts from previous years on the Charity Commission website.

Railway Paths Ltd

Railway Paths Ltd is a charity we work closely with. It was set up in 1998 to manage a large portfolio of disused railway land for transforming into walking and cycling routes.

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