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some of our favourite messages

  • Jenny Crane has sponsored 1 mile of Route 544
    Our route into the countryside. We've walked, cycled, run, scrumped and egg rolled along it then last week it was the location for our first outing with our son.
  • Patrick Longson has sponsored 1 miles of Route 82
    I've chosen this mile not only because it holds fond memories for me, but because of the raw beauty of Pembrokeshire and the fact that Sustrans allows so many cyclists to see it safely and smoothly.
  • John Pringle has sponsored 1 mile of Lon Las Cymru
    I have chosen the Gospel Pass because after discovering it 35 years ago it has never been surpassed. Cycling from the south and completing the final steep climb you leave rugged moorland and emerge into a panorama of a patchwork landscape. Breathtaking.
  • Sarah New has sponsored 1 mile of Route 54
    I’ve chosen this route as a gift for my husband Mark because it keeps him safe from traffic when he commutes along the canal to work in Birmingham.