Wandle Trail: Wandsworth to Carshalton and Farthing Downs

The Wandle Trail is a fantastic route along the River Wandle in south west London. Along the route, you’ll find parks and green spaces, artwork created especially for the route, cafes, restaurants and attractions such as Merton Abbey Mills, Deen City Farm and Wandsworth Museum. The Wandle Trail forms National Route 20 of the National Cycle Network.

The Wandle Trail is a fantastic route that follows the River Wandle through three boroughs to Croydon, where local transport links offer a perfect finishing point for those with tired legs. Whether walking or cycling the 9-mile route offers a great day out for people of all ages.

More than ten parks and green spaces lie on the route, providing a great opportunity to see local wildlife and escape the hustle and bustle of south west London. Numerous cafes, pubs, restaurants and local attractions such as Merton Abbey Mills, Deen City Farm and Wandsworth Museum mean there is plenty to see and do.

Keep an eye out for Andrew Sabin's fantastic artworks along the route. He created a series of entrances, gateways and bridges which can be found on the Wandle Trail.

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