Route 125 of the National Cycle Network runs north-south through the town of Dartford. It is an attractive, traffic-free path for walkers and cyclists.

Following the River Darent where possible, this route links Temple Hill, the railway station, Dartford town centre, Central Park and Brooklands Lake with the River Thames.

In order to create this direct route, the River Darent was diverted through one half of an existing twin bore tunnel and new bridges and crossings were put in place to avoid problematic junctions and busy roads. The Prince's Tunnel, which links Central Park and Brooklands Lake, is a great experience and has piped classical music as you pass through. 

Sustrans worked with Dartford Borough Council to build the route with money from the National Lottery and it was officially opened in 2012.  

As Jeremy Kite, Leader of Dartford Borough Council, says, “these innovative works are part of a multi-million pound programme to improve Dartford Central Park. These works are significant as they create better links both to and from the town centre to the fantastic Brooklands Lakes. The River Darent has been hidden from view for too long and these new pathways make it much easier to appreciate this hidden gem on a walk through to the lakes and the countryside beyond.”

Please note

We have taken all responsible steps to ensure that these routes are safe and achievable by people with a reasonable level of fitness. However, all outdoor activities involve a degree of risk. To the extent permitted by law, Sustrans accepts no responsibility for any accidents or injury resulting from following these routes. Walking and cycling routes change over time. Weather conditions may also affect path surfaces. Please use your own judgement when using the routes based upon the weather and the ability, experience and confidence levels of those in your group.

To make sure everyone gets the most out of their time by the water, please ensure you follow the Towpath Code.

Please help us protect this route

Route 125 is part of the National Cycle Network, cared for by Sustrans. Your donation today will help keep the Network safe and open for everyone to enjoy.

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