The Lodes Way is a 17-mile route from the stunning Wicken Fen Nature Reserve to Bottisham, and it forms part of National Route 11.

The Cambridgeshire Lodes comprise six historic manmade waterways connecting fen-edge villages to the River Cam. They have a fascinating history and their origin and purpose has been much debated by archaeologists. The Lodes were most likely designed for water management, ensuring that excessive spring and summer water did not flood the rich grazing land between the villages and the River Cam. They were probably built by the monasteries at Ely and Ramsey which in the late Saxon period acquired land in this area.

Wicken Fen, one of Europe's most important wetlands, supports an abundance of wildlife. There are more than 8,500 species, including a spectacular array of plants, birds and dragonflies. The raised boardwalk and lush grass droves allow easy access to a lost landscape of flowering meadows, sedge and reedbeds, where you can encounter rarities such as hen harriers, water voles and bitterns.

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