Kent Coastal Castles Ride

This route from Deal to St Margaret’s at Cliffe is perfect for all ages and abilities – and for walkers and wheelchair users as well as cyclists.

This recommended route between Kingsdown, Walmer and Deal is perfect for cyclists of all ages and abilities, walkers and the less able.

Great stone beaches, seascape and castle views are to be enjoyed along the way to the pier at Deal.

The route begins at Deal railway station and heads towards the seafront via Queen Street.

Middle Street runs parallel to the seafront on the way and is well worth exploring with its fascinating historic cottages and townhouses oozing with the atmosphere of times past.

On reaching the seafront the old-style pier comes into view on the left. Turn right along the promenade past Deal Castle and onto Walmer Strand, believed to be the landing place of Julius Caesar and the Roman fleet in 55BC.

The route continues past beached fishing boats, the old Lifeboat Station and Walmer Castle and joins Wellington Parade with its wonderful facades along the beach.

There is a short on-road section along Cliffe and Under Cliffe Roads which brings you out by Old Stairs Bay.

The next two miles are uphill, through lanes and the open countryside, but you will be rewarded with glorious views before you reach St. Margaret's at Cliffe, a lovely village full of charm and the perfect destination.

Local attractions

  • Deal Castle
  • Walmer Castle and Gardens
  • South Foreland Lighthouse, St Margaret’s at Cliffe 
  • The Pines Garden, St Margaret's Bay.

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