Pensarn to Prestatyn

A great coastal ride that takes you on a mainly traffic-free path from Pensarn to Prestatyn.

This is the eastern half of the predominantly traffic-free coastal promenade that stretches almost unbroken from Rhos-on-Sea in the west to Prestatyn in the east.

The trail crosses the River Clwyd just west of Rhyl, one of the few places on the ride where it is necessary to use a short section of road. After skirting around the colourful yachts in Rhyl’s marina you are soon back onto the wide, smooth tarmac of the traffic-free path with views north across Liverpool Bay towards the clusters of offshore wind turbines.

Why not stop for ice cream in Rhyl for an energy boost to get you to Prestatyn?

NB This is an open coastal ride where you should be very aware of the wind (normally from the west). If you are going to cycle there and back it is best to cycle into the wind at the start while you are fresh and have the wind help you on the return journey. Alternatively, contemplate catching the train and doing a one-way trip, blown back to the start!

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