Spen Valley Greenway

The Spen Valley Greenway is a green corridor with wonderful moorland views that will take you out into the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. It’s a short and gentle cycle which is perfect for beginners. It’s also home to a fascinating collection of artworks. All users of shared-use paths have responsibilities for the safety of others they are sharing space with. Please keep your dog on a short lead when walking on a path shared with people who cycle.

Sustrans are currently improving a section of the Spen Valley Greenway from Oakenshaw to Cleckheaton. This section of the Greenway will be inaccessible while the work is undertaken. For more information, visit our project webpage.

The route is a wonderful green corridor running through densely populated urban areas with long distance moor-land views, it passes a wildlife reserve and a rolling golf course.

The path is also home to a collection of artworks including Sally Matthew’s flock of Swaledale Sheep, constructed from recycled industrial scrap, and ‘Rotate’ by Trudi Entwistle - 40 giant steel hoops set in a circle.

The route is traffic-free with a gentle climb from Dewsbury to Oakenshaw. From Oakenshaw, you can continue into Bradford using signposted cycle lanes and paths.

Art Trail

Spen Valley Greenway is an Art Trail. Community groups were asked to explore and respond to different elements of the route with poet John Duffy, which were then used to develop an artists brief. Artworks include We All Walk the Same Way by Sally Matthews; Rotate by Trudi Entwhistle, and Spring Along the Greenway by Pauline Monkcom.

Please note

We have taken all responsible steps to ensure that these routes are safe and achievable by people with a reasonable level of fitness.

However, all outdoor activities involve a degree of risk. To the extent permitted by law, Sustrans accepts no responsibility for any accidents or injury resulting from following these routes.

Walking and cycling routes change over time. Weather conditions may also affect path surfaces.

Please use your own judgement when using the routes based upon the weather and the ability, experience and confidence levels of those in your group.

Please help us protect this route

The Spen Valley Greenway is part of the National Cycle Network, cared for by Sustrans. Your donation today will help keep the Network safe and open for everyone to enjoy

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