Penistone to Dunford Bridge

This beautiful, traffic-free path takes you from the busy market town of Penistone, into the rolling moors of the Peak District to the remote hamlet of Dunford Bridge. This surfaced, gently rising route follows the line of the old Great Central Railway offering stunning views across the valley.

This beautiful, traffic-free ride takes you from the busy market town of Penistone to the rolling moors of the Peak District at Dunford Bridge. Fully surfaced, and so ideal for children, the path follows the route of the old Great Central Railway, winding through glorious countryside, with stunning views across the valley, and a wealth of wild flowers.

If you arrive by train you travel across the magnificent Grade II 29 arch viaduct! On arrival, families may want to pause in Penistone, it's a lovely market town. There is a Skate/Bike Park right beside the route and for younger children, the playground is just out of sight, up the grassy slope beyond the Skate Park.

To follow the route:

  • Join the route from Penistone Station directly onto the Trans Pennine Trail through a wooden gate at the east end of the platform (sign posted); turn right, and pedal on.
  • Read the lively information panels as you pedal along: find out about the terrible disaster of 1884, when a passenger train tumbled over the embankment at Bullhouse Bridge; discover which of the lovely wild flowers along the route you’ll need to help you detect witches, sorcerers, and fairies; read about the boy who fell down a coal chute at Hazlehead Bridge Station, and imagine when the station was full of the roar and hiss of steam engines.
  • Check out the Magic Wood just beyond Hazlehead Bridge Station and Wogden Foot Nature Reserve, an important habitat for wildlife alongside the route as it approaches Dunford Bridge.
  • Look out for the whirling windmills across the valley, the bright orange lagoon, to the left of the route, between Bullhouse and Hazlehead, and watch out for two gnomes!
  • There are seats with lovely views all along the route and picnic sites at Bullhouse Bridge, Hazelhead Bridge Station and Dunford Bridge so you can stop and relax whenever you want!
  • At Dunford Bridge, retrace the route back to Penistone.

Please note

We have taken all responsible steps to ensure that these routes are safe and achievable by people with a reasonable level of fitness. However, all outdoor activities involve a degree of risk. To the extent permitted by law, Sustrans accepts no responsibility for any accidents or injury resulting from following these routes. Walking and cycling routes change over time. Weather conditions may also affect path surfaces. Please use your own judgement when using the routes based upon the weather and the ability, experience and confidence levels of those in your group.

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