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11 October 2018

What is the best way to make decisions about which transport schemes should be funded? When we know so much about the damage that is done by big schemes to move more cars over longer distances more quickly, how do we keep coming up with these as a preferred solution?


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14 June 2018

On Sunday the 10 June thousands of women took to the streets of our cities to celebrate 100 years since the first women in Britain got the vote. As we saw the streets of Cardiff paraded in colours of purple, green and white there seemed to be something missing...


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11 June 2018

Jonathan is half English, half Danish, 26 years old and was raised in London. He was a total novice when he started his journey around the world and had never even ridden a bike with panniers.

Most cyclists who embark on cycling trips around the world have a wealth of...

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Richard Noon and Simon Marshall
8 June 2018

As this year’s Big Pedal competition reached its conclusion Richard Noon, our Bike It Officer in Luton, spoke to long standing school champion and PE Teacher, Simon Marshall, at Wigmore Primary School in Luton to discuss the legacy that...

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6 June 2018

The Government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) safety review consultation closed on 1 June 2018. We set out below where we think the Government’s key priorities must lie to enable more people to walk and cycle.

The safety barrier

Safety or the...

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29 May 2018

It is well known that physical activity is key to people’s health and wellbeing – with numerous studies showing that people who walk and cycle enjoy longer and healthier lives.

Increasingly, however, research on the long-term benefits of walking and cycling is...

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