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Bike Life Belfast

"Over the past few years cycling has been enjoying a resurgence in Belfast."

"This Bike Life report has gathered some key data that will help guide the ongoing development and operation of bicycle infrastructure and associated engagement programmes over the coming years."

- Peter May, Permanent Secretary, Department for Infrastructure

cyclists in Belfast

Cyclist in Belfast

Creating dedicated cycling space: Alfred Street

In 2016 three new and improved bicycle routes were opened in the centre of Belfast. This includes the new flagship protected route on Alfred Street. This high-quality cycleway sets new standards in Northern Ireland, learning from best practice abroad.

It saw the removal of 19 on-street parking bays to create the space and the lane is continuously protected by bollards to help cyclists gain confidence to cycle in the city.

Colin Neill, CEO Hospitality Ulster pictured with his racing bike

Colin Neill, CEO of Hospitality Ulster

“Cycling has increased in popularity over recent years. The Belfast Bike Share Scheme has raised its profile in Belfast.

“There are a few members of the hospitality sector that have cottoned on to the benefits of cycling to their business but I think there are still people who haven’t realised the value of cyclists as a segment to cater for. Every cycling club will stop for coffee or go for something to eat. There are huge opportunities for business from cyclists.

“I’m an experienced cyclist but Belfast isn’t my favourite place to cycle. We need more protected cycle lanes. The infrastructure isn’t so bad in the city centre, outside it is worse.”

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Bike Life Belfast has been funded by The Freshfield Foundation and the Department for Infrastructure (DfI). The project is co-ordinated by Sustrans. The Bike Life Steeering Group includes Belfast Strategic Partnership, DfI and the Public Health Agency.