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"Newcastle City Council recognise the importance that cycling plays in delivering an effective transport system, fundamental to the future economic growth and liveability of our city."

- Cllr Arlene Ainsley, Cabinet Member for Transport and Air Quality, Newcastle City Council

Our new Bike Life report published today, details women’s travel habits, views and attitudes towards cycling across the seven Bike Life cities. It clearly shows there is an appetite from women to start cycling or cycle more but significant barriers to overcome.

'Women: reducing the gender gap' adds new evidence to existing research that shows we need to do more to address women’s needs and help make cycling more inclusive in cities across the UK.

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John Dobson Street protected cycleway

John Dobson Street transformation

John Dobson Street has been transformed into a new boulevard style street with more space for people on foot and a protected cycleway. It provides a major improvement for people riding bikes through the city centre, as well as making a more comfortable street environment for pedestrians.

On average over 700 people on bikes now use John Dobson Street every day, up from around 100 before the improvements.

Gavin Marshall, Co-owner, Ernest Café

“A lot of people arrive here by bike, as we’re close to the river. Recently we extended the back of the café to create a pavement terrace. We worked with DIY Streets and the Council to put in bike racks on the street.

Newcastle is pretty good for cycling, way more people cycle than before. People cycle wherever it’s safe and easy. I’ll avoid cycling alongside cars wherever possible. The cycle infrastructure has just started really. In the future I’d like it if there were roads just for bikes and you could take your bike on the Metro.”

Dr Vandy Dhawan, Associate Clinical Researcher, Institute of Neuroscience (ION) at Newcastle University

"When I was first thinking about cycling to work one of the biggest issues for me was what I would wear. 

"I cycle just over two and a half miles every day between Jesmond and the hospital or university, and I drop off the children at school on the way. I chose to live close to work and I think if I lived any further away I would have to reconsider whether I could cycle the distance with the children".

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Chi Onwurah, Labour Party MP for Newcastle Upon Tyne Central

"There are so many physical and mental health benefits to cycling and it’s a great thing to do with families. I often ride across the Town Moor, which is full of cows, not cars! It’s a much more inspiring start to the day than waiting for a bus that may never come.

"I’ll cycle a bit on roads but cycle routes are definitely my preferred option."

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Bike Life Newcastle has been funded by The Freshfield Foundation and Newcastle City Council. The project is co-ordinated by Sustrans.