Bike Life Birmingham

"Bike Life gives us an invaluable insight into our progress and the views held by our residents. It helps us to understand how we can provide safe, attractive and accessible cycling facilities that will enable the growth in cycling we want."

- Councillor Stewart Stacey, Cabinet Member for Transport and Roads, Birmingham City Council

Our new Bike Life report published today, details women’s travel habits, views and attitudes towards cycling across the seven Bike Life cities. It clearly shows there is an appetite from women to start cycling or cycle more but significant barriers to overcome.

'Women: reducing the gender gap' adds new evidence to existing research that shows we need to do more to address women’s needs and help make cycling more inclusive in cities across the UK.

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People cycling by the canal in Birmingham

Mark Southall, cyclist and commuter with his bike

Big Birmingham Bikes

4,000 bikes were given to residents in the most deprived wards of Birmingham. Use of the bikes is monitored using GPS, which helps to better understand journeys and encourage users to cycle more.

Over 300,000 miles have been completed on bikes in 12 months following the Big Birmingham Bikes give away.


Linda Jacobs, Cycling enthusiast with her bike

Linda Jacobs, cycling enthusiast

"I gave my car up five years ago and cycle everywhere around Birmingham. We have a great transport system here which I use on particular bad weather days. I have saved a fortune and have extra holidays each year now. 

"I find I am a lot fitter naturally, no boring gym for me and I find the slower pace of a bike gives me time to think and reflect - less stress and more energy. I love being out on my bike and use a lot of the Sustrans routes both locally and nationally."

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Bike Life Birmingham has been funded by The Freshfield Foundation and Birmingham City Council. The project is co-ordinated by Sustrans.