Working with schools in Scotland

Children and parents cycling and walking to school

Work with us to transform the school run.

Travelling actively to school gives children the chance to be more active and improves their confidence, learning and achievement. Having fewer children arriving at school by car also reduces congestion and pollution at the school gates.

How are we working to support active travel to school?

Our Education and Young People Team works with Local Authorities, schools and other key partners in Scotland to encourage and empower pupils, parents and teachers to make the journey to school as active as possible.

We support schools in Scotland with a range of resources, training and funding opportunities, including:

  • Support for overcoming barriers to walking, scooting and cycling to school and developing School Travel Plans

  • Engagement tools and resources for primary schools

  • Interdisciplinary learning projects for secondary schools

  • Training to develop pupil, teacher and parent skills

  • Funding to develop better infrastructure around schools and install cycle and scooter parking

  • Research into school travel in Scotland through the Hands Up Scotland Survey, case studies and evidence gathering

I Bike Scotland

We have dedicated I Bike Officers who are currently active in 12 local authorities across Scotland, helping to embed a culture of active travel in schools to create safer, happier and healthier communities. If you would like to know if there’s an I Bike Officer in your area, are interested in having one, or would like to volunteer to help with the project visit I Bike Scotland for information.

Working in partnership

Read about our how we are working with partners across Scotland to support active and sustainable travel to school. 

Contact us

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