Glasgow Walking and Cycling Index

Formerly known as Bike Life, this is the UK's biggest ever study of walking, wheeling and cycling.

Active travel is crucial to delivering the decarbonisation of transport, improving transport choices for all, and improving the health outcomes of citizens. The Glasgow Walking and Cycling Index details existing impacts in these areas and the additional benefits as we increase active journeys.

Every year, walking and cycling in Glasgow results in:


serious long-term health conditions prevented

£438.4 million

in economic benefit for individuals and the region

26,000 tonnes

of greenhouse gas emissions saved

Icon of navy car.

Up to 150,000

cars taken off the road every day

In this video, Glasgow resident Edna explains why she chooses to walk around Glasgow.

Edna, walker

I moved to Glasgow from Ghana in 2015 to study, and walking has become a huge part of my daily life. It is my primary means of ‘transport’ and my main form of exercise.

I walk everywhere, to campus, church, work and to meet friends. Luckily, all these places are about 15 to 50-minute walking distance.

Walking gets me where I need to be, stimulates my mind with all sorts of interesting ideas and fills my lungs with good fresh air.

Front cover of the Glasgow Walking and Cycling Index

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This report is also available in a text-only format.

Glasgow through the years

This is the second time we've collaborated with Glasgow Council to survey active travel in the city.

Download our previous reports:

Bike Life Glasgow 2019

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