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Our work in Scotland

Sustrans works closely with communities, the Scottish Government, local authorities and other partners to ensure that the people of Scotland have access to a network of safe walking and cycling routes; making Scotland a healthy, happy place to live, work and play, and a sustainable and beautiful tourist destination.

The UK’s most comprehensive assessment of cycling in cities, Bikelife, has revealed that eight out of ten people in Edinburgh (80%) support building more protected roadside cycle lanes even when this could mean less space for other road traffic.

The report found overwhelmingly positive perceptions of cycling in Edinburgh, with two thirds (63%) reporting that more people riding bikes would make the capital a better place to live and work. In addition, three quarters (75%) of Edinburgh residents said they would like to see more spent on cycling.

Find out more about Bike Life Edinburgh

Cyclists on National Cycle Network path in Scotland

There are more than 2,000 miles of National Cycle Network (NCN) in Scotland for you to enjoy, including the recently upgraded Route 78 Caledonia Way. From the Edinburgh Loops and Links to Scotland's sustainable shores you are bound to find your next adventure by exploring our best routes in Scotland or viewing routes on our online map.

The NCN is a key tourist attraction in Scotland, and in order to realise the full potential of the leisure cycling opportunity, it is vital for businesses to understand the needs of leisure cyclists. We have developed a free guide to provide businesses with the insights and advice they need to welcome cyclists. 

Find out more about the history of the network and our work to improve and expand it across the UK.

people cycling on off road path

We want to help people of all ages and abilities to make more journeys by foot and bike. Through our Community Links Programme, we help fund the design and construction of walking and cycling infrastructure improvements across Scotland.

Our Community Links PLUS design competition encourages the creation of bold, innovative projects which aim to restore the balance of Scotland’s streets in favour of people walking and cycling.

Through our Street Design team, we work in partnership with local authorities and communities to develop ideas that will improve neighbourhoods, communities and urban areas.

Our Active Travel Hubs in Kilmarnock and Ayr deliver a wide range of activities and events in the local communities, designed to assist and encourage the residents and visitors to travel more actively.


We work to support schools to make it easier for pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school  and have a variety of curriculum based resources which explore active travel and support a wide range of learning outcomes.

By travelling actively to school children can incorporate more physical activity into their day and improve their learning and achievement. Fewer children arriving by car also reduces congestion and pollution at the school gates. We encourage all schools to have a school travel plan and provide guidance and resources.  

We also offer funding to enable active travel to school, including our Safer Routes to School Fund for building walking and cycling infrastructure and Cycle and Scooter Parking Funding to allow their safe storage. Find out how your school can apply.

We also closely with universities and colleges, staff and students, to promote Active Travel through our volunteer Champion programme. Active Travel Champions help people be more active through walking or cycling for more of their everyday journeys.

Our volunteers help keep the National Cycle Network in good shape, promote our work, attend events, organise walks and rides, and encourage active travel.

There is a variety of volunteer roles on the National Cycle Network, in the community, workplace and in schools.

See our current volunteer vacancies in Scotland.

Employees walking to work

We run a number of projects in Scotland to help workplaces support and enable their staff to travel actively and sustainably. The Scottish Workplace Network provides workplaces in Scotland with tools and resources to achieve a more active workforce, while our Active Travel Champions project works intensively with passionate individuals within organisations to provide them with the knowledge, skills and resources to promote walking and cycling to their peers.

Our Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge is a fantastic yearly event for workplaces looking for a fun, free and easy way to encourage their staff to travel actively to and from work every day.


People walking and cycling on a mixed use path through a park.

We successfully influence policy development in Scotland to ensure that more people have the choice to walk, cycle or take public transport for more of their everyday journeys.

We work closely with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities, government agencies and politicians in order to achieve this aim.

See our latest policy submissions.

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