Hands Up Scotland Survey

graphic showing the different ways pupils travel to school
graphic showing the different ways pupils travel to school split by primary and secondary
pupils standing outside their school in Scotland ©2019, Julie Howden

The survey results provide a valuable annual snapshot of how children travel to school across Scotland.

The Hands Up Scotland Survey looks at how pupils across Scotland travel to school and nursery. Established in 2008, the survey has been providing an insight into journeys to school for more than a decade and is the largest national dataset on school travel.

The project is funded by Transport Scotland and is a joint survey between Sustrans and all 32 Scottish local authorities.

Each September, schools across Scotland complete the survey in class by asking their pupils ‘How do you normally travel to school?’. Local authority officers distribute the survey to schools and return pupil responses to our Research and Monitoring Unit for overall collation, analysis and reporting.

A Parliamentary Order was passed designating Sustrans as Official Statistics Providers in the production of Hands Up Scotland on 1 June 2012. Sustrans is currently engaged in the process of confirming voluntary compliance with the requirements for National Statistics status.

The results provide a valuable annual snapshot of school travel and are used by Sustrans, Transport Scotland and other groups to inform policy areas, monitor trends in school travel over time, and provide information relevant to a variety of health, transport and education initiatives. 

Hands Up Scotland Survey 2018 results 

Hands Up Scotland 2018  
    Statistical News Release.pdf 24 May 2019
    National Results Summary.pdf 24 May 2019
    National Results.xls 24 May 2019

Hands Up Scotland Survey data request

Hands Up Scotland Survey results are available at a national, local authority and school level. Users of the Hands Up Scotland Survey Official Statistic that would like to undertake more detailed analyses for a specific project, where the national level documents do not provide the required information or format, may submit a data request to the Hands Up Scotland Survey team.

Previous surveys

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    Statistical News Release.pdf 24 May 2018
    National Results Summary.pdf 24 May 2018
    National Results.xls 24 May 2018
Hands Up Scotland 2016  
    Statistical News Release.pdf 21 June 2017
    National Results Summary.pdf 21 June 2017
    National Results.xls 21 June 2017
Hands Up Scotland 2015  
     Statistical News Release.pdf 26 May 2016
     National Results Summary.pdf   26 May 2016
     National Results.xls 26 May 2016
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     Statistical News Release.pdf 29 May 2015
     National Results Summary.pdf   29 May 2015
     National Results.xls 29 May 2015
Hands Up Scotland 2013  
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     National Results Summary.pdf 30 May 2014
     National Results.xls 30 May 2014
Hands Up Scotland 2012  
     National Results Summary.pdf 31 May 2013
     National Results.xls 31 May 2013
Hands Up Scotland 2011  
     National Results Summary.pdf 5 Jul 2012
     National Results.xls 5 Jul 2012
Hands Up Scotland 2010  
     National Results Summary.pdf 16 May 2011
     Local Authority Results Appendix.pdf 16 May 2011
Hands Up Scotland 2009  
     National Results Report.pdf 20 May 2010
Hands Up Scotland 2008  
     National Results Summary.pdf 30 Apr 2009
     National Results Report.pdf 30 Apr 2009