Our manifesto for London boroughs 2022

Fairer streets, better lives

We're calling on all political parties to put walking and cycling at the heart of their plans for fairer, healthier boroughs.

Two laughing primary age children in winter coats skip with ropes outside at a London school.

Sustrans’ asks for the 2022 London borough elections

The capital should be a place where all Londoners can thrive and enjoy a good quality of life.

Download our full manifesto for the 2022 London borough elections.

Our manifesto for London boroughs

We're asking all political parties standing in the May 2022 council elections to put tackling health and transport inequities at the heart of their borough's plans.

We're making four asks of each political party and calling on them to respond to these asks by adopting them as policies within their forthcoming council election commitments.

These policies will accelerate the change Londoners need and help to transform London into a more active, healthy, fair and connected city.

We urge all parties to:

1. “Demonstrate that you are closing the gaps between disadvantaged groups of people and others in health, transport, environment and community outcomes.”

Every borough’s plans should start with the objective of raising living standards for the most disadvantaged first.

Collecting quality data is the starting point and co‑designing solutions with local people becomes the next step.


2. “Deliver an ambitious walking, wheeling and cycling programme prioritised on your most disadvantaged residents.”

As a minimum, the length of separated cycleways, number of filtered streets and number of school streets should be doubled.

Work should be prioritised in areas with the highest road danger, worst health outcomes and fewest transport options.

To ensure the uptake of cycling is broader than it has been, people need to be empowered with the skills, confidence, equipment and information they need to walk, wheel and cycle.

20-30% of the overall walking, wheeling and cycling budget should be allocated to these measures and projects benefiting disadvantaged communities should be prioritised.


3. “Remove the discriminatory access barriers which prevent people accessing traffic-free walking, wheeling and cycling routes.”

Physical access barriers are often installed to prevent people on mopeds from entering traffic-free routes and spaces.

But barriers have the unintended impact of making public spaces inaccessible for many people using wheelchairs, buggies, mobility scooters and some cycles.


4. “Reimagine your high streets as social, community spaces easily accessible for everyone.”

Local high streets should be revitalized by investing in traffic-free public spaces and by improving accessibility and safety for people walking, wheeling and cycling.


Download our full manifesto for the 2022 London borough elections.

Woman cycles past Victoria Park in Hackney on a city hire bike.

Credit: Jon Bewley

Our London Director calls on boroughs to be ambitious

James Cleeton, Sustrans London Director:

“London boroughs should be ambitious in their efforts to create healthy and thriving communities.

“The pandemic has shown us the fundamental importance of good public health and strong communities.

“It's also highlighted inequalities in the choices that are available to Londoners when it comes to health and transport.

“And the outcomes of some of these choices are negatively affecting thousands of people in every borough. 

“That’s why we’re calling on each London borough to prioritise areas which are most in need of quality walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure and asking them to double the current provision.

“This needs to be supported by a properly funded package of community engagement.

“Which will ensure residents are involved in the redesign of their neighbourhoods and give them the confidence, skills and inspiration to walk, wheel and cycle more.

“London has world-leading examples of councils who have made a difference to people’s lives by creating places where it’s easy to choose walking, wheeling and cycling for everyday journeys.  

“Let’s build on these examples to set the standard for every borough.”

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