Our work in Wales

Sustrans Cymru is leading the way when it comes to helping Wales become a nation where walking and cycling are the normal way of getting about for local journeys.  

We have a wealth of experience of developing community led solutions and working with schools, communities, workplaces to enable people to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper travel. 

Want advice for getting more children walking, scooting or cycling to your school? 

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People in Cardiff want more segregated cycle lanes - even if it means less space for cars, according to the 2017 Bike Life Cardiff report.

The report on infrastructure, travel habits, satisfaction and the impact of cycling is published by leading walking and cycling charity Sustrans Cymru, in partnership with Cardiff Council, every two years. The information comes from local data, modelling and an independent ICM survey with a representative sample of residents aged 16+.

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At Sustrans we believe well designed streets and public spaces can be places that encourage us to socialise, play and exercise. 

Our approach to placemaking starts with engaging communities to understand how people currently use public space where they live and what aspirations they have for using the space differently. Take a look at our street design project.

Cycling along Lon Las Cymru in North Wales

Whether you're looking for dramatic and wild countryside or magnificent coastal views we have a challenge ride for you.

We’ve selected some of the most iconic challenging rides in Wales for you to consider in 2017 including Lon Las, Celtic Trail and the brand new Cycle Across the Beacons route. 

These can be broken down into smaller sections or done in full, depending on what you are looking for. If you would like further details view our map or get in touch on [email protected]

Promoting sustainable and active travel in the workplace can reap significant benefits for employers and employees alike. We support workplaces across Wales to empower their employees to travel in more sustainable and active ways. 

Councils are currently mapping improvements and potential new routes in Wales and need your input: Are the routes mapped accurately? Have any useful or essential links been missed? 

People cycling on the national Cycle Network in Wales

The National Cycle Network in Wales is a series of traffic-free paths and quiet on-road cycling and walking routes, offering opportunities for everyday travel, discovery and play.

Explore our online map or plan your next adventure by browsing walking and cycling routes in Wales. We also have a selection of free leaflets and maps.

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Woman on a bike in front of the Senedd building

Wales leads the world with its Active Travel legislation. The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 has given Wales the opportunity to transform itself into a country where walking and cycling are normal ways of getting around for shorter journeys.

Making this opportunity a reality depends on investment and behaviour change. We believe that it makes sense to start the change with our children, to build in healthy lifestyles that will last them a lifetime.

Our volunteers in Wales

At Sustrans Cymru we’re lucky to have 350 people volunteering with us, supporting our work, looking after the Network, and raising awareness of the brilliant Network of routes that we have here in Wales. 

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