Published: 9th APRIL 2019

Our position on cycles on trains

This policy position was published by Sustrans in April 2014.

Bike being carried by person with blue backpack from train platform onto train

We recognise that for some journeys, being able to carry a bike on public transport can make sustainable travel a more viable option. We welcome cycle carriages on all forms of public transport and would like to see accommodation for cycles being provided as standard on all new rail, bus and coach services.

As regards rail, we accept that with the current rolling stock there is a need for some peak-hour restrictions but otherwise, we welcome the fact that there are free cycle carriages, consistently across the rail network.

What we’re doing

We’re working with the Department for Transport and the Train Operating Companies through the Cycle Rail Working Group on ways to improve cycle rail facilities, including bikes on trains and station parking. We’re calling for improved cycle provision to be a franchise requirement.

It is essential that the design of future rolling stock includes provision for cycles to be carried more easily.

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