Sustrans volunteers Assemble platform: FAQs

Your frequently asked questions about our new online platform for the Sustrans volunteering community.

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We have moved to a new online platform to better support the Sustrans volunteering community. This new platform is known as 'Assemble'.

We have put together a list of your frequently asked questions about the move.




Why can’t I access VolunteerNet? 

VolunteerNet closed on 21 December 2022, meaning you will no longer be able to access your account.

We have now launched our new online volunteering platform, Assemble.

Assemble is where you will access resources and record your volunteering activities in the future, as well as many other functions. 

Learn more about Assemble at Sustrans.


When will I be able to access Assemble? 

Assemble is now available for our volunteering community across the UK.

Please see our Using Assemble page for more information on how to log in and get started.


Is Suslearn still available? 

We are currently in the process of integrating Suslearn to Assemble.

This means our online training courses will be temporarily unavailable. We will update you with more information when these courses are available.


Why are you moving to Assemble? 

There are many reasons that moving to Assemble will benefit both our volunteering community and Sustrans employees.

Your data
Assemble is a more secure place to store your data. It also allows you to edit and update your own personal data when you need.

Better accessibility
Assemble allows for better and more efficient processes, which will make the journey to Sustrans volunteering more accessible.

Your experience
Assemble is a user-friendly platform. This allows us to reach a wider audience for volunteering by improving accessibility.


I would prefer not to use Assemble. Can you continue to email me instead?

We understand that not everyone will want to log in to Assemble, or may need some additional support to introduce them to the platform.

We can continue to stay in touch in whatever way you prefer. This might be via email or phone.

Assemble makes it easier for us to manage processes such as linking new volunteers up to opportunities and providing existing volunteers with simpler ways to support their volunteering. These include:

  • claiming expenses
  • keeping up to date with news
  • connecting with other volunteers
  • letting us know about the impact of your volunteering activities.

Because we are running our processes and communications through Assemble, it is likely you will still receive some communications that request you log in to access certain information. If this is an issue, we can arrange for it to be sent in a different way. 

Please let us know if you would prefer not to use Assemble. You can do this by speaking to the Sustrans employee who is your main point of contact or emailing


What will happen to the volunteer hours I’ve recorded on VolunteerNet? 

We have exported all activity data from VolunteerNet.

If you would like a report of this, please contact the Sustrans employee who is your main point of contact, or email 

Once you have access to Assemble, this is where you will be able to record your volunteering activities.  


Why is the title of my volunteering activities changing? 

We have worked on the language we use to describe your volunteering activities.

This won’t change your volunteering activities. However, it will hopefully mean that we will reach more people from diverse backgrounds to volunteer.

Find out more about the changes to our volunteering language.



If you have any further questions about our move to Assemble or about volunteering, please email


Learn more about Assemble.