Using Assemble

Find out how to use Assemble, our new online volunteering platform.

Log into Assemble

Find out more about how you can access Assemble, and how you can use it to support your volunteering going forwards.

Tour of Assemble

A short tour showing you all the available functions on Assemble.

Logging in and getting started

Find out how you can access and log in to Assemble.

Finding, navigating around and updating your profile

Learn how to find, navigate around and update your Assemble profile and user details page.

Adding activities

Find out how to add your volunteering activities on Assemble so we can measure and recognise the impact of your volunteering.

Completing tasks

Find out how to complete tasks that have been assigned to you on Assemble.

Staying in touch

Find out more about how you can stay in touch with other volunteers, Sustrans employees and our UK-wide team on Assemble.

Claiming expenses

Find out how to claim your volunteering expenses on Assemble.

For further information on using Assemble, please speak to the Sustrans employee who is your main point of contact, or email


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Find out about the changes we've made to our volunteering language.


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