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What is Assemble?

Assemble is our new online volunteering platform. It is a space to:

  • interact with other volunteers and Sustrans employees
  • record your volunteering activities
  • keep up to date with volunteering news from your local area and around the UK
  • find resources to support your volunteering and much more.

It can be used on your computer, laptop or tablet (in a browser), as well as on your phone. On your phone, you can access the Sustrans Assemble app while you’re out and about volunteering.

To find out more about how you access Assemble, and how you can use it to support your volunteering going forwards, take a look at our Using Assemble page.


If you already have an Assemble account, log in here.


Video thumbnail of Xavier Brice, Sustrans Chief Executive, talking about our Assemble platform

A message about Assemble from Xavier Brice, Sustrans Chief Executive

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Take a tour of Assemble

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How Assemble supports your volunteering

Assemble is a space for you to record the impact of your volunteering activities, complete online training and read up-to-date volunteering news and guidance.

Assemble also brings many new functions that weren’t previously available to you as a volunteer. These include account information that you can easily edit, and you only need to have one username and password, all with a user-friendly design.

There are many reasons why we believe you should use Assemble. Our top five reasons are:

  • Messaging – interact with Sustrans employees and other volunteers in your team and area.
  • News feed – keep up to date with the latest Sustrans volunteering news from around the UK and in your area.
  • Events – receive invitations and information for in-person and online events.
  • Activity recording – submit information about your volunteering activities.
  • Mobile app – use Assemble while you're out and about.
Video thumbnail for a guide to getting started on our Assemble platform

How to log in to Assemble and get started

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Why are we using Assemble?

As part of our volunteering strategy, moving to Assemble makes us able to better support your volunteering. It helps make the volunteering journey more accessible.

At the end of 2022, our previous volunteering platform, VolunteerNet, came to an end.

Assemble is now replacing VolunteerNet. It comes with many other great benefits for both you and our Sustrans employees. These benefits include:

  • improving the way we show, recognise and celebrate the positive impact volunteering has in your local area and nationally
  • a simpler volunteering joining process, making the journey to volunteering with Sustrans more accessible
  • a user-friendly platform, allowing us to reach a wider audience and range of people
  • storing your data securely and allowing you to access and update your own data.


Changes to our volunteering language at Sustrans

We have changed the titles of our volunteering opportunities. Your volunteering tasks, activities and what you do will stay the same.

Our changes in language aim to be more inclusive to appeal to a broader volunteering audience.



Find out more about the changes to our volunteering language.


Learn more about accessing and using Assemble.


Read our frequently asked questions about Assemble.