Quick ways to volunteer

Short on time but want to volunteer? We’ve got some quick and easy actions you can take that are guaranteed to make a big difference.

Here are some of the easiest ways to give your time to Sustrans.


Volunteer on the National Cycle Network and help support your local community

You can do it solo or join up with your family to:

  • pick up a few bits of litter on your local route
  • snip back greenery that is hanging over the path or covering a route sign
  • wipe clean any easy to reach signs, and remove graffiti if you can
  • record the wildlife you see on your route on the iRecord website
  • share your volunteering on our National Cycle Network Facebook group.

Ready to get started? Find your local route on the National Cycle Network.

Three volunteers litter picking on the National Cycle Network

Want to get more involved?

Lots of our volunteer roles are flexible.

And they might not be as big of a time commitment as you may think.

Take a look at our current volunteer opportunities

Other ways to help out

Space to move

We’ve created a map which shows the latest street changes across the UK.

Can’t see the street change in your local area? Tell us about a missing scheme in your area so we can add it to our map.


Tell schools about our Big Street Survey

It’s a free curriculum resource that gets pupils to investigate the areas around their school.

And it helps them create a manifesto for how to make their streets safer and greener.


Promote the Sustrans workplace challenge

It’s an online competition to get your colleagues to start being more active on their commute.


Help colleagues to change how they travel to work

Check out our top ten tips for changing the way staff travel to work.


Keep up-to-date with Sustrans

Check out our blogs and news articles to see what's happening near you.


And if you live in Scotland, take a look at our list of ways you can support our work.