Sustrans Northern Ireland's 2022 Manifesto: Enabling everyone to walk, wheel or cycle

Imagine living in a place where everything you need is within a 20 minute walk.

Schools, shops and workplaces are within easy reach, and our towns are accessible, green and vibrant.

Walking and cycling can be for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or background. But we will need to see investment if they are really to be for everyone.

It’s all achievable. We just need the right leadership. We need these policy asks to be front and centre of your party’s manifesto to enable walking and cycling for everyone, every day.

Our 2022 manifesto for Northern Ireland

We want to see a world where people are connected via sustainable transport and active travel.

And where not having a car does not affect your ability to be included in society.

Download our full 2022 manifesto.

Having an Active Travel Hub at the heart of the community encourages active travel and brings multiple benefits so that we and future generations can live in a healthier, greener and happier place.


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