Published: 8th JANUARY 2020

Policy and influencing in Northern Ireland

We are working in Northern Ireland to ensure local authorities deliver policies and projects that enable more people to walk, cycle and use public transport.

Cars and cyclist riding along ideal bike lane width with annotation

New Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland

The Department for the Economy is developing a new Energy Strategy to replace the existing Strategic Energy Framework. Sustrans responded to the Department’s Call for Evidence, specifically on the Transport chapter. Read the Energy Strategy document and see our response.

Northern Ireland's Environment Strategy 

Northern Ireland is consulting on its first-ever Environment Strategy, with the Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs (DAERA) seeking views from a wide range of stakeholders. Read the full Environment Strategy consultation and our response.

Public transport issues

We objected to the Department for Infrastructure's latest consultation on a trial for all private hire taxis in bus lanes.

We responded to a consultation by the Department for Infrastructure on the operating hours of the bus lanes for the forthcoming Belfast Rapid Transit system, or Glider. We support the 12-hour operating times for bus lanes to ensure the new public transport system is efficient. We are opposed to all private taxis being allowed to use bus lanes.

Belfast Bicycle Network Plan

We have also been working to influence the Belfast Bicycle Network Plan, which is being consulted on by the Department for Infrastructure. 

Bike Life Belfast

Sustrans published the Belfast Bike Life 2019 report in March 2020. It found the majority of residents in Belfast want measures to reduce car traffic and make more space available for cycling in the city.

Currently, there are just two miles of protected cycle-lanes in Belfast. 77% of residents think more cycle tracks along roads physically separated from traffic and pedestrians would help them to cycle more.

This is the third report for Belfast in partnership with the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) and is the biggest assessment of cycling in urban areas in the UK and Ireland.

Sustrans calls for safe routes to schools in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Assembly

Our overall policy work is to ensure the Northern Ireland Assembly delivers policies and projects that make it easier for more people to walk and cycle.

We want to see safe routes to schools, safer joined-up cycle networks and better planning to encourage more people to travel actively. 

Did you know you can contact your local Assembly Member about sustainable transport issues?

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