Liverpool City Region Walking and Cycling Index

Formerly known as Bike Life, this is the UK's biggest ever study of walking, wheeling and cycling.

This region is striving to be the best place to walk and cycle in the country. But with over 300 million journeys taken by car each year in the Liverpool City Region being less than three miles long, there's still room for improvement.

Every year, walking and cycling in Liverpool City Region leads to:


serious long-term health conditions prevented

£925.9 million

in economic benefit for individuals and the region

51,000 tonnes

of greenhouse gas emissions saved

Icon of navy car.

Up to 330,000

cars taken off the road every day

A mother on her cycle and a young adult who is her daughter on an adapted cycle both smiling on a residential road in Liverpool City Region

Naheed Tahir, resident

During lockdown I tried cycling again because the roads were quieter. I couldn’t believe how good it made me feel mentally and physically.

Cycling helped eliminate my symptoms of anxiety and my blood pressure stabilised.

My daughter has also taken up cycling. She has Global Developmental Delay and learning difficulties. She finds it difficult to walk but much easier to cycle. I often ride on the road and she’ll ride on the pavement near me.

Physically, it’s helped her mobility and she is more active.
It’s also given her a sense of freedom and independence.


More than half of Liverpool residents are in support of low-traffic neighbourhoods 

The report shows that 69% of people in the Liverpool City Region support the creation of more low-traffic neighbourhoods. 

The survey results also show that more people in the region walk or wheel five days a week than use any other form of transport.

52% of people walk, wheel or cycle at least five or more days each week, compared to 46% who use a car and 10% who use public transport.

Front cover of the Liverpool Walking and Cycling Index

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This report is also available in a text-only format.


Liverpool City Region's first-ever report

This is the second time we've collaborated with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to survey active travel in the city. Download Liverpool City Region's first-ever report:

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