Cardiff Walking and Cycling Index

Formerly known as Bike Life, this is the UK's biggest ever study of walking, wheeling and cycling.

"This report allows us to understand who feels able to travel actively in Cardiff. It's an important first step in understanding participation and barriers, as well as creating a transport system that truly works for all."

– Christine Boston, Sustrans Cymru Director

Every year, walking and cycling in Cardiff results in:


serious long-term health conditions prevented

£221 million

in economic benefit for individuals and the region

17,000 tonnes

of greenhouse gas emissions saved

Icon of navy car.

Up to 99,000

cars taken off the road every day

Claire, standing in her street smiling

Claire Lordan, Splott

I walk to many places out of necessity. I have to visit the hospital at least every month to collect prescriptions or take my boys for appointments. My sons Caiden, 13, and Cruz, 11, both have ADHD.

We enjoy walking, we’re used to it and often it’s a time my boys open up and talk about things that are going on.

There is a difference in the condition of the roads between areas in Cardiff, the east side of the city is especially poor. I’d like to see this balanced out with more green space, trees and better pavements for less affluent areas.


Women and people on lower incomes less likely to participate in active travel in Cardiff

This study confirms that only 16% of women in Cardiff cycle at least once a week compared to 30% of men.

While people in Cardiff walk or wheel more frequently than any other form of transport, with over half of all residents (53%) surveyed confirming they walked at least five days a week, only 36% of people classed as skilled manual labour indicated that they did the same.

The same group, along with those in semi-skilled and unskilled roles or in unemployment, recorded the lowest participation levels for cycling at least once a week among residents of the city (20% and 18%, respectively).

Locality and income certainly play a role in people’s engagement in active travel.

80% of residents belonging to the most affluent socio-economic groups said they felt welcome and comfortable spending time on the streets of their neighbourhood, compared to 59% of those at the opposite end of the spectrum.

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Cardiff through the years

This is the fourth time we've collaborated with Cardiff Council to survey active travel in the city. Download our previous reports:

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