Art on the National Cycle Network

Bicycle sculpture, Sustrans Portrait Bench, Dumfries

Bicycle sculpture and portrait bench in Dumfries

The National Cycle Network has a huge collection of public art and created special places that you can visit again and again by foot or on your bike.

We work with artists, schools and local communities to create and explore landmarks, environments and ideas that celebrate the surrounding areas, helping to create a strong sense of location.


We've worked with a wide variety of artists, to create all sorts of art, including iconic earthworks and sculptures by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Tony Cragg.

Below is a selection of art projects we are proud to have made possible:

Art in the community

The Portrait Bench is the best thing about Kirkby's new traffic-free path!

- Knowsley Council Officer

We encourage people to take an active role in their environment and integrate artists to work with communities to improve their neighbourhoods alongside our Community Street Design team.

We have worked with communities across the UK who have nominated local people for the contribution they have made to local life, culture or history to become the figures on their local Portrait Bench.

When you walk you see more wildlife, things you wouldn’t see in a car.

- Year 5 school pupil.

In our Sensory Journeys project pupils took part in a variety of activities designed to heighten their sensory experiences and used GPS units to ‘tag’ important experiences on their journeys to school. 

Artist Christian Nold then developed high-quality, large-scale Sensory Maps, incorporating the pupils’ thoughts, feelings, observations and drawings about their local area.

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