The National Cycle Network in London

There are around 150 miles of National Cycle Network routes across the capital city for you to explore.

There are approximately 150 miles of National Cycle Network routes in London.

Many of these miles are traffic-free and suitable for family and all-ability adventures - whether you are walking, wheeling or cycling.


National Cycle Network routes in London 

Crossing London on the National Cycle Network gives a unique perspective of Britain’s historic capital city. 

Beyond well-known sights like the London Eye, the Tower of London, Royal Maritime Greenwich, Hampton Court Palace, the Millennium dome, and the Thames barrier - you may be surprised where else it takes you. 

Find unexpected wilds in the Thames estuary salt marshes, the chalk grasslands of Croydon and Walthamstow’s wetlands.

Follow the flow of some of London’s lesser-known rivers and discover beautiful and tranquil local green spaces like Ravensbury Park, Russia Dock Woodland, Dagnam Park and Forty Hall country park. 

Find a route in London on the National Cycle Network.

Getting started on the Network in London

New to walking, wheeling or cycling in London?

Find out how to get a bike, find a group to walk or cycle with, combine your trip with public transport, and lots more.

See how to get started on London's National Cycle Network.

An adapted bicycle and a push  bike ride along a traffic-free path

Where to go for family friendly adventures and wheeling

We’ve put together information about accessibility on the National Cycle Network in London.

And we've got a list of recommended routes and places for family-friendly and accessible adventures. 

Find out more about accessibility and wheeling on London's National Cycle Network.

Share, respect and enjoy 

Many routes use traffic-free shared paths in places worth enjoying at a relaxed pace.

Please give others plenty of space.

Share the joy, give way, slow down, and if you are in a hurry consider taking a different route.  

Share, respect and enjoy the National Cycle Network. 

Two steel figure portrait benches.

Our portrait benches commemorate local heroes, like Alan Turing and Mary Seacole.

Millennium Mileposts and artwork on the Network 

In 2000 Sustrans commissioned artists to create cast-iron 'Millennium Mileposts'.

There are 17 on the National Cycle Network in London.  Can you find them all? 

Find out more about the Millennium Mileposts on the Network.

You will also find Sustrans portrait benches along the routes too.

Fabricated from steel, the special portraits celebrate local historical or cultural figures.

And they can be found in various locations across the Network in London and across the whole of the UK.

In the capital, you can find Sylvia Pankhurst on Route 1, Henry VIII on National Route 137, and Michael Caine on National Route 425. 

Keep your eyes open for interesting local artworks along every route in London.

Two volunteers holding litterpickers and bags smiling, surrounded by autumnal trees.

Volunteers litter picking at Lower Sydenham on National Cycle Network Route 21.

Volunteering on the Network

Dozens of people volunteer on the Network in London.

They carry out vital tasks such as reporting problems they spot on routes to organising regular litter picks on paths. 

Find out how you can help.


Improving the Network in London

In London, the National Cycle Network is promoted and developed by Sustrans.

But we don't do this alone. We work in partnership with local boroughs, managing authorities and landowners.

Find out more about how we are improving routes to create a network of paths for everyone.

Two parents walking along a traffic-free route with pushchairs, and a little girl on her scooter in between them.

Walking and wheeling in Beckton on National Cycle Network Route 13.

Reporting problems on the National Cycle Network in London 

In London it is usually the responsibility of the relevant Borough or private landowner to maintain a route. 

Issues with streets and public places in London can be reported to Transport for London (TfL) Streetcare.

To report an issue to us please email

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