Bike Life Bristol

Bike Life Bristol captures how the city continues to be recognised as a cycling city. It shows how enabling citizens to travel by bike can help tackle air pollution and inequality.

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See Bristol's progress towards making cycling an attractive and everyday way to travel.

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62% of residents

would like more government spending on cycling

66% of residents

agree that more cycling would make Bristol a better place to live and work

70% of residents

support building more protected on-road cycle tracks, even when this would mean less room for other road traffic

£69.5 million

contributed by cycling to the local economy each year

Bike Life Bristol through the years

This is the third time we've collaborated with Bristol City Council to survey cycling in the city. Want to see how things have progressed?

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Bike Life Bristol meets the One City Plan

Active travel has an essential role to play in helping Bristol achieve the objectives of it’s One City Plan.

We spoke to representatives from three of the One City boards to find out why they think we need to prioritise investment in walking and cycling in Bristol.

"For an employer, cycling can help reduce the number of sick days and improve staff morale."

- Simon Wood, North Bristol NHS Trust

Read more from Simon in the report

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Bike Life is a collaboration between Sustrans and Bristol City Council.

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