What we are doing

We're working with families, communities, policy-makers and partner organisations right across the UK to make it easier for people to walk and cycle. We're making journeys safer and empowering people to make travel choices which are good for them, their neighbourhoods and the environment. 

By transforming the space outside people’s homes and schools we make walking and cycling an attractive and fun choice. In the last year alone we have delivered 45 community-led street design projects and engaged with 19,000 residents.

We're currently working with residents in communities across England, Wales and Scotland to reclaim their streets, transforming them into lively, community-centred neighbourhoods that are safer to play in and easier to travel through on foot and bike.

Using placemaking principles we work with the local community to redesign spaces to pass through into places to be.

Our project teams often set up blogs to record their activities or to provide local info to their communities. Take a look at some of their blogs and Facebook pages for an idea of what we're up to.

Mark Beaumont and children at Torkington Primary School

The Big Pedal is the UK's largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge. It inspires pupils, staff and parents to get active and cycle or scoot to school. During this year’s event, we counted almost one million journeys taken by bike or scooter over the course of the two week challenge. To see the full results, please visit the Big Pedal website here.  

World record breaking cycling Mark Beaumont supported the Big Pedal by calling on families to take up the challenge and travel actively, to help reduce congestion and air pollution near the school gates. 

The National Cycle Network started way back in 1995 with just a few miles of routes, now it passes within a mile of half of all UK homes and stretches over 14,000 miles across the length and breadth of the UK.

We've continued to build on this amazing work with new infrastructure projects across the country. The most recent of these are:

Vauxhall Street, a residential road in Lambeth, seemed like the ideal location to develop London’s first Cycle Street. But to deliver, it required some innovative thinking to come up with a simple yet cost-effective solution for an urban street which couldn’t be segregated or closed.

Watch our video on how we worked with London Borough of Lambeth to transform Vauxhall Street.  

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Air pollution is the leading public health crisis in the UK today hitting children, people with a lung condition and the elderly hardest.

In partnership with Eunomia, we have developed a first-of-its-kind model to quantify the contribution of walking and cycling in reducing levels of air pollution – and the subsequent benefits to public health.

Found out more about our work on air quality.

cyclist on a protected cycle path

In November 2017 we published seven Bike Life reports, covering a wealth of information on cycling in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Greater Manchester and Newcastle.

Inspired by the Copenhagen Bicycle Account, Bike Life is is an assessment of city cycling development including infrastructure, travel behaviour, satisfaction, the impact of cycling, and new initiatives.

In 2018 and 2019 we will be working with even more cities, as well as expanding the areas covered by some of our original seven cities. 

Find out more about Bike Life

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When our Active Travel Officer Ian Cullen first started at Fagley Primary School there were very few children cycling to school.

Find out how we helped change that by helping children at Fagley Primary School in Bradford get on their bikes for their daily journeys.

Read more about our travel behaviour change in schools.

After creating a network of off-road travel corridors for people we discovered that other species were finding them useful too. Green corridors that allow wildlife to travel is hugely beneficial to them and our greenways have become a haven for all sorts of wildlife, from bats and frogs to bees and butterflies.

With the generous support of the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation we have been able to extend the project to cover all of England (outside of London), Wales and Scotland.

This is all achieved with the help of our fantastic wildlife volunteers. We now have 254 wildlife enthusiasts recruited as volunteers across the UK.

Read more about biodiversity projects on the Network

Our vision for the UK is a healthy, clean and prosperous place where people can choose to travel safely and conveniently by foot or bike.

To achieve this we've been working with Transport for London to deliver Quietways, cycle routes designed for people of all abilities, ages and backgrounds that will provide safe and convenient routes to school, work, or the shops. Quietway 1 (Q1) opened in June 2016 and there are six more routes to be delivered.