Published: 5th APRIL 2022

Quick ways helper, Cuckoo Trail, East Sussex

Are you passionate about the Cuckoo Trail? People of all ages and backgrounds can do quick things to keep it in the best possible condition.

  • Role: National Cycle Network
  • Location: Cuckoo Trail, East Sussex
  • Time commitment: Five minutes whenever you're out
  • Type: Volunteer role
  • Closing date: Ongoing
  • Reference: 2022032501

The Cuckoo Trail is a very popular traffic-free route for walking, wheeling, cycling and horse-riding between Heathfield and Polegate.

If you use it and love it, here are quick, practical things you can do to keep it wonderful.


Why become a quick ways helper?

If you're short on time, you can still help. Taking quick actions while you're on the Cuckoo Trail will bring you joy by:

  • connecting you to others
  • being good for your mind and body
  • giving you the satisfaction of doing practical tasks.


Three quick ways to help

Pick up litter

Pick up litter and put it in the nearest bin. 

Or bring a reusable bag to put litter in, then take it home to recycle or put in your bin.

Clean signs

Make sure easy-to-reach signs are grime-free and can be seen.

Bring a damp cloth with you. Fill a spray bottle with a little window cleaning solution or vinegar topped up with water to make signs shine.

Cut back vegetation

Snip back stray brambles and other vegetation from path edges and around benches, seats, sculptures, mileposts and signs.

Bring a pair of garden snippers, wear gloves and take care! Put cut material back into the hedge.


What we're looking for

Anyone who uses the Cuckoo Trail can do something quick to keep it in great condition: litter picking, cleaning signs or cutting back stray plants. 


Spread the word

Tell your friends and family, take photos and share them on social media.

Before and after photos really show how a quick tidy, clean or snip makes a big difference.

Useful tags include:

  • #SustransQuickWays
  • #LoveWhereYouLive
  • #LitterHeroes
  • #CuckooTrail
  • #2minutecleanup
  • @SustransSouth 


Report a maintenance problem

Make sure you report things like potholes, fallen trees or fly-tipping to East Sussex Highways reporting system.


Time commitment 

Five minutes.

Take a little time from your walk, wheel, ride or cycle on the Cuckoo Trail to do something that makes a big difference to everyone who uses this lovely route.


Tips for keeping safe

Quick ways mean that everyone can help. Here are some ways to stay safe while helping on the Cuckoo Trail:

  • Wear thick gloves for cutting back vegetation, cleaning signs and picking litter.
  • Remember that the route can be busy so stay aware and take care.
  • Bring a buddy to be sociable, get more done and look out for one another.
  • Report big problems and fly-tipping to East Sussex Highways.

Safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk

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Equality, diversity and inclusion at Sustrans

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