Published: 22nd MARCH 2024

Impactful corporate partnerships have the opportunity to change people’s lives

Developing inspirational corporate partnerships with charities can have profound impact on people’s lives. Sustrans works with amazing organisations establishing transformative partnerships to deliver projects which positively impact people and communities. We explore the impact of our partnerships and show what meaningful collaboration can achieve.

At Sustrans, we're a catalyst for positive change. Our vision is to make it easier for everyone to walk, wheel and cycle for everyday journeys. Credit: Chris Foster

The importance of corporate partnerships

Sustrans is a charity dedicated to making walking and cycling more accessible.

Thanks to our fantastic corporate partnerships, we support people across the UK to make it easier to walk, wheel and cycle.

Our partnerships allow us to work right at the heart of communities, engage with schools and young people and connect people and places. We help children develop the vital skills and confidence to cycle and support them to adopt these sustainable habits throughout their lives.

Our work helps remove barriers and provide opportunity for even more people to access the mental and physical benefits of active travel.

With the support of our corporate partnerships we maintain and develop the 16,000 miles of National Cycle Network routes across the UK, creating opportunities for people to explore their local area and get better access to nature.

Together we can help you grow your brand reputation and customer loyalty, provide opportunities for your employees to use their volunteer days with us, and deliver impactful projects which meet your ESG objectives and truly make a difference to people's lives.

Group of office workers with bikes

Aligning your company's values with employee values, and supporting causes they care about, can significantly contribute to workplace happiness. Credit: Jonathan Bewley

Some of our amazing partnerships

Schwalbe Tyres UK is a leading tyre manufacturer.

Together we launched the FRideDays Bike Bus project

which enables children across the UK to join bike buses and cycle in groups to school.

Fears around safety is one of the biggest barriers which stops children from enjoying an active journey to school.

By providing a solution and working closely with schools and parents together we have made it possible for hundreds more children to cycle safely to school.  

Schwalbe Tyres have generously sponsored the Big Walk and Wheel for several years and enabled us to develop the competition to reach even more children than before.  

Bosh eBike Systems howcased their technology and support for green transport infrastructure by partnering with us to install e-bike charging stations across the National Cycle Network.

Many eBike riders experience ‘rider anxiety’, the fear that their battery will run out before they reach their destination limiting the distance they can travel and enjoyment they can experience from riding.

By improving charging facilities along the Network we are reducing ‘rider anxiety’ around battery life making it possible for even more people to access the mental and physical benefits of active travel.

Sustrans and Bosch bring e-bike charging stations to the National Cycle Network

Saddle Skedaddle, a cycling holiday company and long-standing partner, support us with a generous donation of 0.05p per mile of the National Cycle Network cycled by its customers.

With the support from Saddle Skedaddle we are able to progress our work to restore and protect nature on the Network, making space for wildlife to thrive across the UK.

They also donate prizes to Sustrans’ raffle and competitions and encourage more people to ride the iconic routes of the National Cycle Network through their long-distance cycle holidays.

Saddle Skedaddle makes big donation after customers cycle over 145,000 miles along the National Cycle Network

WJ Markings, WJ Markings, a road marking specialist, donate prizes to the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel and offer the winning school a bespoke colourful playground design designed by the pupils from the winning school.

Together with us and HW Martin, a traffic management company, as part of Road Safety Week WJ Markings deliveredroad safety education in schools to increase children's awareness and safety when on the road.

Cyclehoop create innovative cycle parking and infrastructure. Together we are conducting research to better understand the barriers and solutions required to improve access to cycle parking in the UK.

Thanks to Cyclehoop’s generous funding we will identify some of the barriers preventing people from cycling and make recommendations amongst local and national government to implement fundamental change. 

A bike bus is a group of people who ride to school together.

The impact of corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships elevate your company's reputation, attract and retain talent, and positively impact your bottom line.

Boosting employee happiness and productivity:

According to a study by Oxford University and BT, happy workers are 13% more productive. [1]

Aligning your company's values with employee values, and supporting causes they care about, can significantly contribute to workplace happiness [2].

Improving recruitment and retention: 

Millennials, comprising a significant portion of the workforce, prioritise working for companies that make a positive impact.

A report by Global Tolerance found that 62% of millennials want to work for such companies, with 52% willing to take a pay cut for better-aligned values. [3]


A group of employees pose outside their office

We'll explore your interests and learn what your employees care about. Credit: John Linton

Your next partnership is right around the corner

As a corporate partner or corporate sponsor you can get involved in four exciting areas of our work, all of which create healthier places and happier lives for everyone.

Making space for nature

We’re committed to improving and growing the vital green spaces the National Cycle Network provides for nature across the country.

Our ambitious nature and ecology programme addresses the devastating loss of biodiversity in the UK and aims to provide safe green spaces for our native species.

Inspiring the next generation

We work hard to address inequity, drive lasting sustainable behaviour change, and provide every child with the same opportunity to travel actively.

Our schools programme across the UK helps to make sure every child in the UK has a chance to experience the freedom and benefits of walking, wheeling and cycling.

Advocating for inclusion and equity in policy making

Our policy work finds solutions to improve financial security, through active travel, for those most affected by the cost-of-living crisis.

With the help of our partners, we continue to push the government to take a lead in providing lasting change so that more communities can easily and safely walk, wheel and cycle in their neighbourhoods.

The National Cycle Network: The backbone of our country

The National Cycle Network passes within one mile of around half of the UK population. As proud custodians we maintain, enhance and develop the National Cycle Network to protect this much-loved national asset providing vital space for people and nature.

But, we know we can’t do all of this vital work alone.

Ready to partner with Sustrans?

Excited about the prospect of forging a meaningful partnership with Sustrans?

If you're passionate about contributing to a brighter future and wish to explore collaborative opportunities with Sustrans, we invite you to connect with us today.

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