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Published: 17th MAY 2023

Active Journeys Programme in Wales

Our Active Journeys programme works with schools across Wales to create a culture that makes it easier for children to walk, wheel, scoot, or cycle.

Mum walking to school, holding hands with her twin daughters smiling at the camera

Active travel isn't just important for the fight against climate change and reducing air pollution, it's also great for our physical health and wellbeing.

Our Active Journeys programme in Wales is funded by the Welsh Government and is helping children across the country to safely, easily and confidently travel to school by foot, bike and scooter.

We support school champions and collaborate with local authority contacts to help improve routes and develop whole-school approaches to active travel.

A range of engaging activities helps to build the confidence, enthusiasm and skills needed to help form new active travel habits.

These activities and lessons support schools' efforts in achieving Eco-Schools and Healthy Schools awards, working towards the Sustrans Active Travel School Award which recognises excellence in sustainable travel.

The Active Journeys Programme offers

The programme offers a range of support and guidance including:

  • help to address specific travel issues around the school
  • activities and lessons focused on active travel
  • incentives for the school community that promote cycling, walking and scooting
  • access to our activity guides, materials in line with the Curriculum for Wales and online challenges.

School pledge 

Schools benefitting from our Active Journeys programme are asked to:

  • complete annual travel surveys
  • establish at least two Active Journeys Champions
  • involve pupils in planning
  • work towards providing good quality cycle and scooter storage
  • attend teacher training opportunities
  • actively promote active travel through assemblies and activities.

Our impact

Based on data collected through travel surveys, we can see the positive impact the Active Journeys programme has on levels of active travel on the school run.

Data from 2021-22 shows that for schools on the programme:

  • active travel has increased by 24.6%
  • car use has decreased by 29.9%
Active Journeys Programme 2021-22 increase in active travel

Breakdown of travel mode data showing the impact of our Active Journeys Programme, which has increased active travel levels on the journey to school.

Active Journeys Programme

Schools receiving support from Active Journeys see a significant increase in the number of young people and families travelling to school actively.

If you'd like support from our Active Journeys Programme, please complete an Active Travel School Plan, identifying the travel behaviour change you hope to see amongst pupils and families. 

For guidance on completing an Active Travel School Plan (ATSP), download the ATSP Toolkit

For more information on the project, download our Active Journeys leaflet.

If you have any questions please email us.

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