Published: 2nd MAY 2019

Sustrans responds to UK Parliament’s environment and climate emergency declaration

On Wednesday 1 May 2019 MPs passed a motion making the UK Parliament declare an “environment and climate emergency”. Dr Andy Cope, Director of Insight at Sustrans, welcomes the announcement.

Woman walking on city street with people cycling in background
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In response to the declaration by the UK Parliament Dr Andy Cope, Director of Insight at Sustrans, said:

“We are very pleased Parliament has declared an environment and climate emergency.

“This declaration calls for urgent and quick action on carbon emissions, including transport, which is the only sectoral source from which emissions continue to grow.

"If we're serious about achieving the zero-carbon target, now it is the time to increase walking and cycling and reduce the car use. 

“Energy consumption and emissions from transport are influenced not only by technical efficiency and mode choice but also by lifestyle choices and socio-economic factors. To make it easy and attractive for people across the UK to choose active and cleaner ways to travel for everyday journeys, we need cross-government action and large-scale investment in walking and cycling.”

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