Uxbridge to Rickmansworth

At eight miles long, this route is perfect for a long walk or a comfortable bike ride. It's flat, suitable for children and there are plenty of stopping points and places of interest along the way. The route follows National Route 6 through the Colne Valley, which feels like the first part of real countryside on London's western fringe.

For refreshments on route, look out for Fran's Tea Room at Denham Lock, the Horse and Barge Pub where Moorhall Road meets the Grand Union Canal and the Coy Carp Pub at Coppermill Lane. You can explore the nature reserves adjacent to the route and watch various watersports activities on some of the lakes towards the north end of the route.

In this section of the canal you will be within the Colne Valley Regional Park. For more details on the local nature reserves, water sport sites or Denham Country Park located next to the canal, visit https://www.colnevalleypark.org.uk/.

Please note where the route crosses the canal at Moorhall Road it can get busy, so if you're cycling with children or are not very confident on roads, you may prefer to push along the pavement here.


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