Week 1 challenge

Stay active at home

Your challenge is to complete the Footprint Map by staying active. Walk, cycle or exercise and record your activity by colouring in footprints and work your way around the map. 

Download your Footprint Map

Physical activity is really important. It gets our happy hormones flowing through our body. These are called endorphins.

What you'll need

The Footprint Map activity

The challenge rules

Each week your goal is to colour in 5 footprints by completing various physical activities. It is up to you what activities you do - we have put some ideas below.

20 to 30 minutes of activity = colour in one footprint. 

15 minutes of activity = colour in half a footprint 

Here are a few ideas for your physical activity: 

  • 30 minutes of walking = one footprint
  • PE with Joe Wicks = one footprint
  • 20 minute workout = one footprint
  • 15 minute bike ride = half a footprint

If you go out walking, cycling or scooting - make sure you go with an adult. And remember to follow government guidelines.

Set yourself special milestone activities

As you travel around the Footprint map you will reach numbered orange circles. These are your special activities. 

You can make up your own special activities or ask an adult to help you. They must be slightly different to your footprint activities. Here are some of our suggestions: 

  • Help in the garden for one hour
  • Make up a fun dance routine
  • Help make dinner

Now, let's get active.


  1. Print off (or draw out) your active journey Footprint Map.
  2. Write down your Special activities next to the orange numbered circles on your sheet.  
  3. You're ready to start recording your activities. 
  4. Colour in the footprints on your map as you complete an active or physical activity. 30 minutes = one footprint. 
  5. When you reach one of the orange checkpoints on your Footprint map. You must complete the Special activity matched to that number.
  6. Only once your special activity is completed can you carry on to the next footprint.

Can you make your way around the Footprint map? We hope this map inspires you to stay active at home. 

We would love to see how you're keeping active and creative this summer. Share your activities with us using #SustransOutsideIn