Everyday Adventures photography competition

Throughout the summer we asked amateur photographers to send us their best photos of their National Cycle Network adventures.

After close consideration by our panel of judges, we are pleased to announce the winning entries in each of the four categories.

Great Days Out

Two cyclists on tree-lined cycle path with sun glaring into camera lens

This atmospheric shot of the Bristol and Bath Railway Path was taken by Esther Watts-Nielsen. She said: “On this morning I woke early, to the sun rising, and realised it was going to be a beautiful day. So I got my bike and headed off. Riding across to Bath the light was perfect, and when I saw this low sunlight coming through the trees I had to stop to get a picture.”

Miranda Krestovnikoff, TV presenter and one of the judges for the competition, praised its early morning mood: “It definitely captured a love for the Network and a feeling of being somewhere special early in the morning.”  

Prize: A family set of scooters and accessories from Micro Scooters.

Adventures in Nature

Silhouette of a tree against colourful sunset

Jeff Stevens took this photograph of a tree silhouette and vibrant sunset on National Route 5 near Stafford and Stone. Jeff said: “When I stopped to take this photo, the world was very much silent. I could sit and contemplate the wonder of nature, and the colourful way in which the day was ending.”   

Competition judge Marc Aspland, who is Chief Sports Photographer for The Times, told Jeff: “Well done for capturing such a beautiful and colourful sunset”.

Prize: A selection of 10 wildlife, photography and outdoors books sponsored by Vertebrate Publishing. 

Art, Culture and Heritage

Two wicker sculptures shaped like a whale's tail and head standing in the middle of a field with fog and trees in the background

“Anonymous” took this shot of an art installation close to National Route 41 near Bristol: “The Bristol Whales art installation looked magnificent emerging from a calm sea of morning fog.”

Miranda Krestovnikoff said: “This really captures the magic of the Network - you never know what you’re going to come across next!”

Prize: A MTB trail bundle and waterproof backpack from Polaris Bikewear.

Adventures by the Water

A cyclist sitting on some rocks looking out to sea as the sun sets, with poppy wreath and bike leaning up against a bench

Paul Neale was on a cycle ride with his granddaughter on the Low Furness Ride route in Cumbria when he took this image. He told us: “I took many pictures that day and hoped I had enough room left on my memory card to take just one more… luckily my memory card allowed me to squeeze in one more photograph! The weather had been warm and sunny all day then ended with an absolutely spectacular sunset. I’m so glad I taken my camera.”

Competition judge Anthony Pease, a professional landscape and cycling photographer, summed up the photo: “Bike, sea, cyclist, sunset. What is there not to like.”

Prize: A 20-litre touring rucksack from Proviz.

With thanks to Micro Scooters, Vertebrate Publishing, Polaris Bikewear and Proviz for sponsoring the competition.


Bike leaning up against rock by road overlooking sea inlet

Adventures by the Water: Alison Lewis's photo at Barra on the Hebridean Way, National Route 780.

Bike with peaked cap on handle bar leaning up against park bench overlooking pond

Great Days Out: Paul Healy's photo in Halewood Park, National Route 62.

Man standing with bike on canal towpath with narrow boat passing under bridge

Adventures by the Water: Jen Newell's photo on the Montgomery Canal, National Route 81.

Sculpture of old man's face made of bricks

Adventures in Nature: Dave Harman's photo of the Old King Coal sculpture on National Route 7 near Pelton.

Two children with bikes and cycling gear looking toward old mine building with chimney stack

Arts, Culture and Heritage: James Hodgson's photo of Pleasley Pit Museum, near National Route 648.

Snipe bird with long, straight bill sitting on tree stump

Adventures in Nature: Brian Cairns's photo of a snipe at the Ring of Brodgar, National Route 1.

Field with poppies and tree in the background

Adventures in Nature: Dawn Braithwaite's photo of a field of poppies near Swallow, Lincolnshire, on National Route 1.

Adult and child cycling along canal towpath with locks to the side

Great Days Out: Catherine Kingston's photo of the Caen Hill Locks on the Kennet and Avon Cycle Route.

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