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Bike Life

Sustrans is working in partnership with cities across the UK to report on progress towards making cycling an attractive and everyday means of travel. Inspired by the Copenhagen Bicycle Account, Bike Life is an assessment of city cycling development, including infrastructure, travel behaviour, satisfaction, the impact of cycling, and new initiatives.

Bike Life gives cities the confidence and opportunity to talk about the benefits of cycling, it has informed policy decisions, justified investment and enabled cities to develop more ambitious strategies and action plans for cycling. It shows the public support improving cycling in our cities. 

The evidence produced through Bike Life has helped underpin the ambition and investment being made in Greater Manchester for cycling, and ensured ambitious cycle schemes like Roseburn-Leith in Edinburgh, and the A38 in Birmingham are being delivered in the face of local campaigning. 

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Find out more about Bike Life in each Scottish city and download the 2018 reports:

women on bikes

This 2017 report details women’s travel habits, views and attitudes towards cycling across the seven Bike Life cities. It clearly shows there is an appetite from women to start cycling or cycle more but significant barriers to overcome.

'Women: reducing the gender gap' adds new evidence to existing research that shows we need to do more to address women’s needs and help make cycling more inclusive in cities across the UK.

Download the 'Women: reducing the gender gap' report

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In 2019 Bike Life will take place in twelve cities, including for the first time Southampton, Greater Cambridge, Liverpool City Region, Dundee, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Tyneside and the West Midlands.

In total, 15 cities and regions are due to participate in Bike Life between 2018 and 2022. Collectively they cover almost 14 million people or 20% of the entire UK population.

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Bike Life is a collaboration between Sustrans and the participating cities. Bike Life is funded by The Freshfield Foundation, Transport Scotland and our city partners.