Bike Life Southampton

Bike Life Southampton demonstrates residents’ real appetite for cycling in the city region. Making cycling something people do daily will help support Southampton to reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

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See Southampton City Region's progress towards making cycling an attractive and everyday way to travel.

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of residents in the Southampton City Region already cycle or would like to


of residents think that more cycle tracks along the roads physically separated from traffic and pedestrians would be useful to help them cycle more


of residents support building more on-road cycle tracks, even when this would mean less room for other road traffic


of residents would like to see more government spending on cycling

Take a look at what the people of Southampton think about the results of our Bike Life report for the city.

“I started cycling to work and found it took me half the time of driving to the Park and Ride and getting the shuttle”

- Mark Bailey, Aviva

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Bike Life is a collaboration between Sustrans, Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council.

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