Our recommendations from the review of the Network

Man and woman using adapted bike on walking and cycling path

As custodian of the National Cycle Network, we will lead on these 15 recommendations, working in partnership with local authorities, private and charitable landowners, national governments, agencies, users, local communities and all the many organisations that make the Network possible.

  1. Set the tone for harmonious use of the Network by everyone.
  2. Remove or redesign all 16,000 barriers on the Network to make it accessible to everyone, with no barriers in place for continuous travel for everyone.
  3. Transform the Network by replacing existing on-road sections with new traffic-free paths or by creating quiet-way sections so it is safer for everyone.
  4. Ensure that where the Network is on a quiet-way section the speed limit is 20mph in built-up areas and 40mph in rural areas.
  5. Improve safety at crossings where the Network crosses roads or railways.
  6. Adopt a new quality standard to ensure path widths and surfaces are built for everyone.
  7. Improve signage so everyone can use the paths without a map or smartphone.
  8. Deliver over 50 activation projects across the UK by 2023 to improve the Network and demonstrate change.
  9. Introduce a process for de-designation of parts of the Network that cannot be improved – and a clear process for incorporating new routes that fill gaps or make new connections.
  10. Make it easier for people using the Network to feed back on its condition – and use this insight to improve it.
  11. Promote the Network to new users.
  12. Encourage greater community involvement in designing, developing and maintaining the Network.
  13. Provide open data on the Network.
  14. Report regularly on the impact of the Network in improving everyone’s lives and places.
  15. Establish clear governance to bring together land managers, funders, users and others to deliver these recommendations in partnership.

If you would like to play a part and work with us towards our vision for the Network, please do get in touch.

John Lauder

Deputy CEO of Sustrans