Our work to include everyone

We work to ensure that the benefits of walking and cycling are enjoyed by everyone fairly.


Our vision is a society where the way we travel creates healthier places and happier lives for everyone.

We know that people, individually, benefit from walking and cycling, and society overall benefits when more of us are walking and cycling.

But those benefits are not enjoyed fairly.

Making it easier for people to walk and cycle leads to healthier places and happier lives, but not currently for everyone. 

Some people are more likely to experience the negative impact of others’ travel choices.

They face greater barriers to walking, cycling, wheeling and accessing pleasant, healthy places.

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If you’re not physically active, don’t have access to a car and live in a polluted and congested neighbourhood, it could make a big difference to you if it’s easier to walk, cycle, scoot or wheel, with fewer cars in your neighbourhood. Blockquote quotation marks
Xavier Brice, Sustrans CEO


To guide our work and embed ‘For Everyone’ in the impact we have, we follow these four principles:

  1. The benefits of walking, cycling, wheeling and healthy places aren’t experienced fairly.
    We prioritise work with people and in places that challenge this.

  2. To develop solutions that work for everyone, we involve people with different and seldom-heard voices.

  3. Being For Everyone isn’t a box we can tick. We can’t be complacent, or merely compliant.
    We have to keep questioning and asking if we can do more.

  4. We can’t do this on our own. We work with others to include everyone.


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