Best practice for cycle parking

Two boys unlocking their bikes from covered bike parking

We installed cycle parking at a school in Bristol and encouraged more pupils to travel by bike

bike racks with lots of bikes locked up

Well used cycle parking at Herne Hill station in London demonstrates there is a clear need for bike storage at transport hubs

children unlocking their bikes

As part of the 'Links to Schools' initative, we worked with partners to improve routes and cycle parking at schools in the UK

Cycle parking on the street

Adequate cycle parking is vital for people to start cycling

Secure, well located cycle parking is essential if people are to be encouraged to cycle as a means of transport. By indicating to the public that cyclists are welcome, cycle parking facilities indicate to non-cyclists that cycling is a viable option. Cycle parking should be prominent on the ground and the locations shown in any local information material.

Our design guide provides detailed information on:

  • location
  • design, installation and maintenance
  • how much parking is needed.


Cycle parking (draft), Sustrans Design Manual Chapter 12, 2014 (1.7MB pdf)





Our key principles for cycle parking:

  1. Be accessible and convenient. As close as possible to the destination entrance, prominently located, with plenty of space to get bikes in and out, without unnecessary detours or flights of steps.
  2. Have good natural surveillance.
  3. Be secure against theft and vandalism, appropriate to the type of area and length of stay expected.
  4. Parking stands should enable the bicycle frame and at least one wheel to be locked, catering for different sizes and shapes of bikes.
  5. Longer stay parking should be covered, well-lit and have CCTV where practical/feasible.
  6. Where two-tier parking is introduced, low-level parking should be provided for the convenience of those who are unable or unwilling to lift their cycles.
  7. Be free of charge wherever possible.
  8. Have sufficient capacity for existing peak demand plus future growth.
  9. Be clean and well maintained.

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