Published: 9th DECEMBER 2020

Pocket Places Scotland

Pocket Places supports communities across Scotland to find simple, quick, temporary solutions to improve the look and feel of their streets. The programme is funded by the Scottish Government through Transport Scotland.

An artwork installation at Craigie Place, Perth, that points out the direction of National Cycle Network routes

Art installation at Craigie Place Pocket Place in Perth. Artwork by Bigg Design and Fun Makes Good.

What we do

We provide solutions to help create greener, more attractive spaces for people to travel through and spend time in.

We make small-scale improvements to inspire larger-scale change.

We support community-led design that puts resident’s ideas and views at the forefront of decisions.

Work with our Pocket Places team

Sustrans Pocket Places programme is open to community groups, housing associations, business improvement districts and other community-led initiatives to improve their area.

The applicant must be willing and able to take ownership of the project and take on any maintenance required.

It will be up to residents, local councils, businesses and community members to decide together what will happen in their area.

Using this feedback, we’ll come up with designs and solutions to improve a street, and provide the support and resource necessary to make the change.

Changes could be temporary or semi-permanent.

They could include one-off events such as street closure or pop-up parks. Longer-term solutions are also being trialled including benches, planters, crossings or artworks.

And, there is always the option for the changes to be made permanent.

Two people are shown chatting during an event at Perth Creative Exchange

A Sustrans Scotland colleague pictured at a Perth Creative Exchange Pocket Place celebration event with a resident of a local care home who uses the space. Credit: Sustrans

How to apply

At this time we are unable to progress any new application for the programme. We anticipate we will be in a position to accept new Expressions of Interest in December 2023.

Please keep a look out for further information.

Get in touch with the Pocket Places Team

You can email the team at:
Alternatively, call 0131 346 1384.

A Sustrans Scotland colleague is pictured at an engagement event for Wick Lanes Pocket Places

A member of the Sustrans Scotland Co-Design team helping run an engagement event for Wick Lanes Pocket Places. Credit: Sustrans

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