Published: 22nd MAY 2023

The Love Your Network grant for community groups in Scotland

Do you belong to a community group near the National Cycle Network? Would you like to improve or enhance the spaces along your local path, or help your local wildlife? If you do, you could secure equipment, training, and expert advice with a Love Your Network grant.

Two volunteers with litterpickers approach a discarded tin can along a traffic-free National Cycle Network path in Ayrshire.

Volunteers from the Ayrshire Coastal Path group were supported with litter picking equipment to improve National Cycle Network Route 73. Credit: John Linton

The Love Your Network grant is currently not accepting new applications. The 2024/25 funding round will open in June 2024, please check this page for updates. 

The Love Your Network grant is supported by funding from the Scottish Government and delivered by Sustrans Scotland. 

It supports community groups in improving their local, traffic-free section of the National Cycle Network by providing equipment, training and advice. 

With a Love Your Network grant, your group could get: 

  • Equipment for litter picking – to transform the safety and attractiveness of your local path
  • Tools for maintenance and wildlife management tasks – from shovels and brushes to clear debris, to scythes and seeds for creating and maintaining a wildflower meadow
  • Workshops in wildlife identification and recording – so you can find out more about the birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife in your area.

Why should I apply for a Love Your Network grant?

By caring for these spaces and the wildlife who call them home, your community group can make journeys on the National Cycle Network more attractive and enjoyable for everyone. 

You will be encouraging many more people to choose walking and cycling for their everyday journeys.

You'll also improve their physical and mental health, as well as improving the environment and local community.

Group of women tree planting in field. Credit: SolStock

Who can apply?

Love Your Network grants are available to: 

  • Community groups 
  • Registered charities 
  • Social enterprises 

The grant supports community groups helping to improve traffic-free sections of the National Cycle Network.

Eligible sections are shown using a solid orange line on the National Cycle Network map. 

When can applications be made?

Applications can be made when the fund reopens in June 2024. Please check this page for updates. Applications will close on 5 February 2025.

We reserve the right to extend this date. Changes will be published on this page. 

What support can I apply for through Love Your Network in Scotland?

Groups can submit applications to receive equipment and training. 

The Love Your Network grant has pre-made bundles which include: 

  • Equipment for litter picking 
  • Tools for maintenance and wildlife management tasks 
  • Workshops in wildlife identification and recording 

Community groups also have the option to build their own application, if they need items or training not featured within a bundle.

For example, your group could request a bike trailer, hi-vis vests, or battery-powered tools. 

A volunteer raises a set of binoculars to their face during a bird identification session along a traffic-free route of the National Cycle Network.

Volunteer taking part in Bird ID session along the National Cycle Network. Credit: Laura White

How do I apply?

  1. Download and read the Love Your Network grant guidelines before applying.
  2. Start your online application.

If you have any questions about the Love Your Network grant or the application process, please email Katie Rowland.


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