Published: 8th JUNE 2022

Places for Everyone

Sustrans Scotland provides advice, support and funding for the creation of infrastructure that makes it easier for people to walk, wheel and cycle for everyday journeys. Funded by Transport Scotland, we’ve used our knowledge and experience to back hundreds of projects across Scotland since 2010.

The aim of Places for Everyone is to create safer, more attractive, healthier, and inclusive places which are enjoyed equitably by increasing and diversifying the number of trips made by walking, wheeling or cycling for everyday journeys.

The scheme is funded by the Scottish Government through Transport Scotland and is administered by Sustrans.

Places for Everyone contributes to the Scottish Government’s aim for a healthier, environmentally sustainable nation with a strong economy and communities, as laid out in the National Performance Framework.


Applicants will receive direct access to our knowledge and experience, as well as benefit from our partnership approach that leads to better outcomes.

This way of working helps ensure that the projects we’re involved with achieve the best possible outcomes for communities across Scotland.

We can provide support at any stage in a project’s development, but encourage projects to express an interest in Places for Everyone as early as possible, so we can help guide you through the process.

Design Principles

In order to ensure all projects receiving funding make the largest possible impact, we have developed six design principles.

These are the minimum criteria for a successful Places for Everyone bid.

  1. Develop ideas collaboratively and in partnership with communities.
  2. Facilitate independent walking, cycling, and wheeling for everyone, including an unaccompanied 12-year old.
  3. Design places that provide enjoyment, comfort and protection.
  4. Ensure access for all and equality of opportunity in public space.
  5. Ensure all proposals are developed in a way that is context-specific and evidence-led.
  6. Reallocate road space, and restrict motor traffic permeability to prioritise people walking, cycling and wheeling over private motor vehicles.

All designs will be assessed against how well they achieve the design principles.

Additional Requirements

Infrastructure must be of a specification that will remain of high functional quality for at least 15 years and will accommodate both current and future needs.

All projects must be subject to Equality Impact Assessments and ecological appraisal.

Any predicted negative equalities or ecological impacts of the development must be mitigated and biodiversity enhancement should be delivered wherever possible.

Apply to Places for Everyone

Our team are always working to ensure that our application process is as accessible, equitable and streamlined for applicants as possible. Please visit our dedicated partner website Places for Everyone page for pre-application support and advice.

Assistance to new and existing partners on making an application can be found in our latest Application Guide.

Existing partners can also log into our online grant application portal to review previous applications or ongoing projects.

Places for Everyone

Interested in making an application, or already have a project with us? Head over to our partner-focused website for relevant news and updates.

Find out more about Places for Everyone.

Match Funding Guidance

Download our match funding guidance to find out more

Funding stages

Places for Everyone funding is awarded across the year in groups of project stages for Concept (Stages (0-2), Design (Stages 3-4), and Construction (Stages 5-7).

Concept (Stages 0-2) is about broadly defining the scope of a project and its desired outcomes. Partners are expected to carry out initial engagement with stakeholders and to outline the total expected costs.

Design (Stages 3-4) involves carrying out developed and technical tasks in order to make a project workable. Partners use funding at these stages to clearly define their interventions, test implementations and undertake significant community engagement.

Construction (Stages 5-7) is when a project is built. At this point, the project can be closed out and formalised into use in the community.

Decision Making Panels

Decision Making Panels are made up of experts from across Sustrans Scotland and external partners with expertise in urban design, active travel and transport management before an award is made.

Whether an application receives funding depends on the outcome of a Places for Everyone Decision Making Panel relevant to your project group.

Panel members review the Places for Everyone team’s assessments of project deliverables based on set criteria, which also take into account Places for Everyone’s aims and design principles. Panel members then make a decision, and a summary recommendation is provided.

Concept (Stages 0-2) Decision Making Panels comprise of Sustrans Scotland members only.

Design (Stages 3-4) and Construction (stages 5-7) Decision Making Panels will include both Sustrans Scotland and external experts.

More information on which group of project stages to apply for and the key dates associated with this can be found on our partner-facing Places for Everyone page.



Take a look at some examples of the bold and innovative projects delivered through Places for Everyone.


If you have any questions please email: or phone 0131 346 1384.

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