Published: 12th DECEMBER 2017

Active Travel Hubs in Scotland

Sustrans Scotland staff work in Active Travel Hubs in Ayr and Kilmarnock providing information, engagement opportunities and facilities aimed to encourage the local community and visitors to travel more actively.

women repairing bikes in active travel hub in Scotland

Please note that the Active Travel Hubs project is currently on hold.

Residents are given the opportunity to take part in instructor-led walks and cycle rides, personal travel planning, cycle maintenance, walk and cycle buddies to help increase confidence with traffic and route planning and cycle confidence skills sessions. These sessions are run in partnership with Ayrshire Roads Alliance, and are aimed at improving cycling skills and road cycling confidence.

There are also free short term bike loans available on request.

Active Travel Hubs also provide community groups and local business with support and information to help make our communities healthier by changing travel habits and encouraging people to become more active.

These events include family fun days, family-led walk and rides, bike maintenance sessions and women-only rides.

Volunteer opportunities are available which will enhance the ability of the active travel hubs to promote sustainable travel modes in the community, workplaces, residential areas and with local community groups.

Visit the Ayr Active Travel Hub Facebook Page, Email:, Call: 07970 709925

Visit the Kilmarnock Active Travel Hub Facebook Page, Email:, Call: 01563 532416

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