Published: 4th AUGUST 2020

Our Active Travel Champions in Scotland

Empowering individuals within workplaces, the Active Travel Champion project provides support, training, resources and funding to enable the peer-to-peer promotion of walking and cycling for commuting and business travel.

An active travel champion takes their colleagues on a lunch time walk

An Active Travel Champion leading colleagues on a lunchtime walk

Due to funding constraints, this project is no longer active.

Our project officers engage with contacts in key workplace departments to identify site-specific barriers and opportunities for active travel.

They also help to define particular active travel aims and objectives for that organisation.

Champions are provided with access to a fully-funded package of training including:

  • behaviour change principles
  • being a walk leader
  • being a cycle ride leader
  • bike mechanic skills and much more.

Officers and Champions deliver a package of measures designed to impact policy, people, resources and infrastructure, all of which work toward encouraging more people to travel actively.


Engaging with workplaces over a 3 year time period the project aims to:

  • establish a sustained culture of active travel by fostering a network of empowered Champions
  • increase capacity at an organisational level to promote active travel to staff
  • support organisations to improve staff health and wellbeing, reduce carbon emissions, and make business savings.

Since the project began Sustrans has trained and supported over 160 Active Travel Champions across 20 workplaces sites across Scotland.

Our Active Travel Champions programme is fully funded by Transport Scotland.

Get involved

Are you based at a workplace site in Fife or Glasgow with 200 or more employees and are interested in joining the Active Travel Champions programme? 

We're currently accepting applications for the Champions 2020/21 programme. 

If your organisation is interested in joining the Active Travel Champions programme, please complete the application form. 

Before filling it out, please download and read the following documents:

If you have any questions or need support with the application, please email our Scotland workplaces team.


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